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About Marc Kuhn


Who:       Marc Kuhn

What:      Human, Male, Retired

Where:    Naples, Florida, USA

When:     Right Now


Does:      Writing, author of 11 books, a blog and shopping lists


My Story, in Brief:  In my previous life before retiring, I graduated from Penn State University and then pursued a career in radio broadcasting.  I worked as a journalist, producer, program director and marketing director at major radio stations in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami/Fort Lauderdale.


At the age of  47,  I went back to school in my "spare" time and earned an MBA degree.  After retiring I began writing books, 11 in as many years. They consist of children's books, adult novels, a novelty book and one with tips for the first-time manager.  Three  have been honored with awards.  I am by no means a polished writer with books well-embedded in the NY Times Best Seller List.  I write for personal enjoyment and really don't expect much beyond that.


Currently, I live in Naples, Florida with my wife, Rosemarie. My family of two grown children and their six offsprings are scattered about in Florida and the Denver area.  My first grandchild, who is now in her late twenties has arranged for my first great grandchild to arrive in January 2023.  Life is long as there's ice cream!

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