About Marc Kuhn


Who:       Marc Kuhn

What:      Human, Male, Retired

Where:    South Florida, USA

When:     Right Now


Does:      Writing, author of 11 books, a blog and shopping lists


My Story, in Brief:  In my previous life before retiring, I graduated from Penn State University and then pursued a career in radio broadcasting.  I worked as a journalist, producer, program director and marketing director at major radio stations in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami/Fort Lauderdale.  At the age of  47  I went back to school in my "spare" time and earned an MBA degree.  After retiring I began writing books, 11 in as many years. They consist of children's books, adult novels, a novelty book and one with tips for the first-time manager.  Three  have been honored with awards. Currently, I live in South Florida with my wife, Rosemarie. Nearby are my son and daughter along with six grandchildren. Life is good...but there must be ice cream!