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Reviews of Marc's Books


       This is a review from DEAD LETTER’s entry in the 22nd AnnualBook Awards. The book scored 5’s in all but one category (5 being the highest score, meaning “outstanding”).

                                          Structure, Organization and Pacing: 5

                                          Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: 5

                                          Production Quality and Cover Design: 4

                                          Plot and Story Appeal: 5                                                                                                 Character Appeal and Development: 5                                                                         Voice and Writing Style: 5


                                   Judge’s Comments:  


“DEAD LETTER by Marc Kuhn is a story written by an author who seems to possess a sensitive soul that gives him the ability to craft a touching, deeply emotional and satisfying story.  

     As for production values, I like the title but I wasn't all that crazy about the cover, not because I have an issue with nudity (I don't) but because it was dull. I think a picture of a small town or a letter would have been just as effective, if not more so.  Of course, this is a personal opinion from a reader who prefers vibrant colors on book covers.    

     However, the back cover copy was excellent and well written. I think it will spur people to read the book. Nice author bio.  It encouraged me to check out the other books, and to visit the web site listed. It was nice to see a picture of the author on the site.  I enjoy books set in small towns and I think other readers will enjoy the setting, too. I think the author also does an excellent job capturing the eras he writes about as well. The opening of the book was amusing, as obviously intended. The feeling the early part of the book generated reminded Me of SUMMER OF '42 by Herman Raucher, which is a good thing. The writing style is superb, keeping the story moving at an excellent pace. The author is talented not only as a writer, but at evoking emotions. Readers who love romance and mystery will fall in love this book.”


Other Reader comments on DEAD LETTER…

“Truly one of the best stories I  have read in a long time.  I found it difficult to put this book down and the ending was truly unsuspecting.:


“Loved it!  Simply written, this is an excellent summer read.  The whole concept of the dead letter will  drag you in and once it reaches its destination, you’ll never be the same.”


”I enjoyed reading this book both for it's detailed references to the Chesapeake Bay area and the small  town culture that existed before the Second World War.”


ABOUT A FARM is the recipient of a 2013 Children's Literary Classics International Book Award.  It was selected by CLC as "Best First Chapter Book." Judge's comments: 

"Marc Kuhn employs the use of allegory in a series of stories all taking place on a farm.  From messages great and small, his use of simple passages speaks volumes to readers of all ages. Children will love the stories and will most definitely benefit from the deeper meanings tucked neatly within each story.  About a Farm is a book

that kids will want to read again and again, and adults will enjoy knowing that the messages within will be providing children with a solid foundation for critical thinking from youth into their adult lives.  About a Farm comes highly recommended as an effective tool for teaching valuable life lessons."


ABOUT A  FARM was entered in the Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards competition.  While it  did not win in its category, it did receive this judge's review:


"The story is well written with an easy to read conversational flow...The characters are well drawn and  seem real (not too nice but suitably argumentative when needed; wonderfully caring about each other), and the stories have nice, subtle lessons, as well as subtle humor. They never talk down to the reader but let him/her get the messages/humor on their own. That each story is so short is helpful, especially to today's kid readers who  have shorter attention spans.  The sad story at the end nicely balances things out and adds to the lessons learned...a delightful, enjoyable book."

          11-year-old Maddie comments on THE 11th


         "It was an amazing book.  I loved it.  It made me laugh

          many times!  My little brother loved it too. Christopher

          reminds me of him." 





                                 Comments on THE POPE'S STONE...


                                  "Marc Kuhn's debut adult novel, THE POPE'S STONE,                                                                         couldn't ave been anymore brilliantly written.  It is a tale of                                                                 historical fiction, intricately when with suspense and mystery."

                                     "This book took me by surprise!  I am usually not a Historical Fiction                                                  reader. but this book definitely got my attention.  The story was                                                            fantastic and gripping.  I found that I could not put this read down.  It                                               took me on a roller coaster of emotions to say the  least.  I found                                                         myself more than once putting the book down and shaking my head                                        in           astonishment or drying my  eyes."

                              "I really felt deeply for each of the characters and he issues they                                                   faced, it was definitely an emotional read."

Comments about AGAIN, Marc Kuhn's latest novel...

"I just finished reading “Again” by Marc Kuhn, and was amazed by    

the sensitivity and romance he brought to this beautifully creative

story. I grew up in Philadelphia until I left for college. I loved

learning more history about the city in addition to the nostalgia I

remembered through the author’s vivid descriptions throughout

the novel. My only criticism is that it ended too quickly. I wanted


"Again" is two separate but related stories that come together at

the end in an interesting and surprising way, As a native and long

time Philadelphia resident I enjoyed how the city's history was

weaved into the narratives of both stories. "Again" would make a

great holiday gift for yourself or the young adult reader in your life."

All of Marc Kuhn's books are available at  Search the book title along with author's first and last name.


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