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Marc's  Photos,  Page 1

 Welcome to the family ancestry section of my website. Here you will find a random selection of family photos that I have assembled to represent the Kuhn clan.  There are both old and more recent pictures.  I am not sure how dynamic a group we are/were, but we have all stopped by planet Earth for our individual moments in time.  Hopefully each of us has made a difference, no matter how humble, and that we shared some meaningfulness with others.

Rachael deGroot.jpg
Elias Louis Harris.jpg

 These are the oldest pictures from the family album.  These folks are my great grandparents on my mother’s side.  He is Elias Louis Harris (1837-1911).  Next to Elias is his wife, Rachel DeGroot (1844-1896).  I think they both forgot to say "cheese" when their picture was taken.

Louis deGroot Harris&Lois copy.jpg

Here are Louis DeGroot Harris (1876-1932) and Hanna Swaab (1878-1940), my grandparents on my mother’s side.  There is an undividual picture of each holding my infant mother, Lois Leah Harris.


 My father used to joke (I think) about our family history. He said if we dug too deeply we’d probably discover horse thieves among us.  Oddly, this unlabeled picture was among the family photos. Do you suppose?  Naaaa.

 To the right are before and after pictures of my father's father, Edward William Kuhn, Sr.  He obviously overcame the humiliation of the earlier photo, although it probably explains his lifelong love of good booze.

MayKuhn6-27 copy.jpg
On the left is my favorite picture from our family album.  This is Aunt May, on my father’s side of the family.  She was a sister of my great grandfather, William Frederick Kuhn (1864-).  Aunt May, as pictured, was a train caller!  She is so unattractive I think she is actually a thing of beauty and this picture is a real Smithsonian moment!
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