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More Photos!

Funny how the family genes can customize their arrangement for each individual, making sure no two people ever appear identical...oh, then what happened here?  That's Isaac on the left and me at about the same age on the right.  Isaac and I never met.  We are one of those distant 3rd cousins type of relatives.  He lived his entire life in Australia and died there in 1955 when I was ten years old.  Check out the hairline, the ears, the nose and mouth, the jawline,  Yeah, we could pass for twins.
(Left) Now here is where you would expect two individuals to have some similarities.  Nope, afraid not.  The two top pictures are of my older (2 years) brother, Paul. The bottom two are me.  We not only don't look alike, we have distinctively different personalities.
RJ & Fam - 1980 1.jpeg
To the right is a family picture taken in 1979.  Don't we look like the perfect Disney family?  Next to me is my lifelong sidekick, Rosemarie.  Our perfect children, Lee Ann and Jeffrey, strike the perfect pose.
This is a great shot of my father teaching Rosemarie how to tie a bowtie.  Dad always wore bowties because a traditional long tie would get in the way when he was at work.  He was a draftsman who spent his day leaning over a large board, drawing detailed illustrations of various machinery and instrumentation.
If you have to have a nurse tending to your wound, why not have a beautiful one!  Here is Rosemarie's graduation picture from St. Joseph's Hospital in Philadelphia in 1967.

Meanwhile, fast forward about 20 years and check out daughter, Lee Ann, during her Navy tour, with Nicki, the family golden retriever.
If you take a picture of son, Jeffrey, you have to assume a fish will be included somewhere. Fishing is Jeff's favorite past time...and he's good at it to boot!
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