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The Pope's Stone

        Second  Edition

The Pope's Stone, retooled

    THE POPE'S STONE is a story about the parallel lives of Nathaniel and Nicholas Barrington. Nathaniel is the great, great grandfather of Nicholas. They lived 100 years apart in different locations: Nathaniel in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Nicholas in Silver Spring, Maryland, just north of Washington, D.C. 

    Because the chapters transition between time periods and locations, readers commented that it was


sometimes difficult following the "when and where" aspects of the story.  This Second Edition responds to that criticism. 

    There have been limited changes in text, but the chapters have been significantly rearranged, dividing the book into two parts, making the timelines a lot more fluid and easier to follow.  Still, you will find that each chapter heading indicates when and where you are as you read along.  Now, pay attention and don’t get lost!

The Pope's Stone, Second Edition is available at

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