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This website features a personal profile of self-publishing author Marc Kuhn. Included is information about each of Marc's books along with links to purchase them at You will also find other related pages and features that Marc hopes you will enjoy.  Thank you for visiting Marc's Website!


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If True Love can be an entity in and of itself, can it be reincarnated from one couple to another? Consider this:  True love is an inseparable bond that repels all obstacles and holds no regard for time or place. It seamlessly transcends from past to present and proceeds unimpeded into the future.

So there's a book inside you just waiting to be published.  You've decided to publish it yourself but you're not sure how.  Not to worry, here's some information to get you started...Click Here!

New Edition of

        The Pope's Stone 

Marc's first novel, The Pope's Stone, has had a redo.  Same fascinating story based on a historic event in American history, but restyled in format in response to reader suggestions.



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